The evidence

Upon arrival at the Girls Night Out last night we each made beautiful headdresses, “of the queens who’ve gone before us”, to get us in the Ya-Ya mood.   There were no rules or guidelines, only a table full of random supplies like feathers, flowers, beads and tulle.   And a few pictures for inspiration.   All the while, we were offering champagne, hair styling, make overs, and even massage, but one look at the crowd around that headdress table and you would have thought we were giving away stacks of money!

The headdresses were most definitely the hit of the night.

The ladies were crowding in, laughing and having THE best time creating unique headdresses that so clearly represented their personalities.  They were like kids in a candy store, attaching feathers and beads in every which direction.  As I watched them, I felt like a proud mother hen, watching her littles filled with joy and free to be themselves.

There was something intriguing and special about those headdresses, that gave us permission to let go. 

To let go of the constraints of our adult personas and reconnect with the little girl inside.  The little girl who knows she prefers green over pink, or black over red, and wholeheartedly believes that’s okay.  The one who isn’t worried about impressing anyone, but fully believing she has the power to create something unique and incredibly special.  It was almost magical to watch that unfold.

After the Ya-Yas were in their seats, I ventured past the magical table. 

That’s when I discovered the evidence.  Even after the Ya-Yas had moved on, and not a single soul was left at the table, the evidence remained.  They’d left their mark.  Their spirit lived on in the way the tulle was strewn across the table.  It lived on in the golden ribbon, still caught in the blades of the scissors.  Their Ya-Ya spirit lived on in the glitter, sparkling all over the floor.

The evidence of the Ya-Ya spirit lives on in their hearts. 

When was the last time you played in hot glue, just for fun, with a friend?  When was the last time you gathered with your sisters, let all your guards down, and created something unique to represent your inner Ya-Ya?  Or even just created something for no reason at all?

There’s a beautiful spirit that emerges when women gather together to create.  

The experience is wonderful, but it’s the life-giving evidence that lives on, long after the experience is past. The evidence is in the memories and the joy you’ll carry in your heart.  It’s in the connection you’ll feel to one another.  It’s in embracing your unique perspective and getting to see how beautiful it really is.

So call a Ya-Ya gathering of your own.

Gather your friends to cook, paint, craft, make jewelry . . . do anything at all that requires you to get out of your comfort zone and into your creative zone, together.

You will most certainly be blessed by the evidence.  

to more love,


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