The bench is waiting

The bench is waiting ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

While on a field trip with third graders a couple of weeks ago at the Perot Museum of Art, I noticed this bench.   In a hallway made of stone and concrete, this bright orange bench caught my eye.  Probably mostly just because I love bright colors, especially orange.  But there was something more.  We passed it several times, as it was near the elevators, and I noticed that I never saw anyone sitting on it.

It was odd because the museum was full of people.

There were literally hundreds of school kids there on field trips.  There were moms with loaded down strollers and crying babies.  There where grandmothers taking pictures at every turn.   There were teachers and chaperones counting (and chasing) little heads

But the bright little bench was empty.

I wish I had a time-lapse video of that bench for an entire day.  I’d love to see how many people rushed past it and how many, if any, ever sat down.  Maybe it was because it looked uncomfortable.   Maybe it was because no one else noticed it.  (Or maybe I’m the only one who is drawn to bright orange)  

I think it’s because we don’t rest.  

I know my group was on a tight schedule.  We had a very small window of time to see each floor and with boys who wanted to intricately inspect and ponder every item they encountered, we were rushing from one display to the next.  We still probably only saw about half of the museum.

And it’s not just field trips.

It seems like we schedule every single moment of our lives.  Everything is on the schedule or the google calendar.  We live our lives to the sounds of alerts with dings and ringtones and flashing lights, telling us that it’s time to go.  Go.  GO!

All the while, the bench is waiting.

I’m learning to find the bench more consistently in my own life.  I’ve put boundaries around my nights and weekends, for the most part.  But I have a really hard time finding the bench during the weekdays.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve forgotten how to rest. . . and I used to be so good at it.

What about you?  

Have you spent any time on the bench lately?  The maddening rush will still go on around you, but maybe it’s time to plop down and take a breather.  Silence the beeping, the dinging and the flashing for just a moment today.

Take a breath sister.

The bench is waiting.

To more love,


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