Tempered by drought, a Thanksgiving blessing

We were strolling through Frisco’s Central Park last week on the fourth grade field trip when I noticed this faded sidewalk plaque.  There are little sayings about life on The Shawnee Trail scattered throughout the park, but this one in particular caught my eye.  In our lives of such abundant privilege on this modern Shawnee Trail, a drought of water isn’t even on our radar.  But as we travel into this week of Thanksgiving, we’re carrying many other types of droughts and soul-searing experiences in our hearts and minds.

We’ve all experienced pain and heartache on the trail this year.  

For me, this year has brought some incredible joy and growth.  As it often does, quite a bit of it came through pain and struggle.  This year has brought healing from old hurts and a few I’m working to heal.  But when I settle in with what is, I can see that this year has also brought new people, new hope and new joy into my life that I couldn’t have imagined one year ago.

Sometimes it takes the drought to temper us to gratitude for what is.  

My prayer for all of us this week is that we allow the droughts and soul-searing experiences of our lives to temper us in such a beautiful ways that they not only bring us to accept what is, but to shift our hearts into a bountiful gratitude for all that is.  For exactly the way things are.  It’s not perfect.

It’s a journey.  

May the struggles you’re carrying this week bring you to a place of humble gratitude for what is.  When you take the time to reflect and look back, may you see a trail of faded plaques on the sidewalk that remind you of the journey that led you here.

And for this, may you be grateful.

to more love,


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