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Life is hard, it’s okay to rest

We’ve already hit the school-year-stride with loads of homework, rushed meals, racing to practices and early bedtimes that remind me just how quickly these days and years pass.  But last night, I needed to make a quick stop at the storage unit on the way home from football.  When we pulled into the parking lot, this one said he wanted to rest.

“Can I lay down right here next to the car on the ground mom?” 


“Can I lay down on the roof?  I’m just really tired and I want to lay down flat.”

I guess so.  We have a back seat, you know.

“The roof is better. “


So that’s where he perched while I ran in to quickly get a count.  When I returned, he wanted to talk all about the moon.  He was fascinated by the way it looked like it was exactly half of a circle.  He could see …

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