My laundry soap doesn’t always dance

Have you ever caught yourself rushing through the mundane, ordinary tasks of life, only to suddenly notice something beautiful?  That happened to me over the weekend.  I was bent down, sorting the stinky socks from the grass-stained paints while the water was filling the washing machine tub.  (The same tub I’ve had for the last 17 years, mind you.)  When I stood up, the soap was dancing across the surface of the water, creating a beautiful work of art.

I completely stopped what I was doing to watch it dance.  

I instantly judged myself, thinking that it was a silly distraction from the work at hand.  But I was drawn back in.  Distraction or not, it was beautiful.  I ran to grab my phone for a pic, hoping it would still be there when I returned.  Lucky for you, it was.  *smiley face*

But my laundry soap doesn’t always dance.  

Most days its just white suds on the water, waiting to be filled with dirty clothes.  It’s just a mountain of foam in a steamy bin serving the family with its magical powers to remove the filth and stench from little boy’s clothes.  It’s just sudsy water in a 17-year-old metal tub with a motor that sticks at the most inconvenient times.  My laundry soap doesn’t always dance.

Or maybe it does. 

Maybe most days, I simply don’t slow down enough to notice.

Maybe yours does too.  

Maybe it’s there, a beautiful dance in your life, just waiting for you to notice.

Maybe today is the day.

to more love,


(If this one hit home, get ready, because we’re already gearing up for “March Made Simple GNO” all about the messy art of creating a beautiful life & cookie. It’s March 1st.  Make plans to join us!)

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