Surely someone else will help her

Surely someone else will help her.  The power of story |HeartStories

I once heard a story about a woman being beaten in the street.  She cried out for help and though many people saw her from their apartment windows, no one did anything to help her.

She passed away.

In later police interviews, residents were asked why they didn’t do anything to help.  They were interviewed as to why they didn’t  call the police.

They all had the same response; I thought surely someone else would help her.

It seems outrageous that no one did anything.

How could that possibly be?  It wasn’t an apartment complex of cold-hearted souls who had no regard for human life.  No, they were people, just like you and me, who told themselves a false story and then chose to believe it.

Any one of them could have helped her, but they believed a story that their help wasn’t needed.

I’m fascinated by the power of stories, both the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we hear from others.

Stories can hold us back or inspire us to action. 

Stories compel us.  They capture our attention.  They draw us in.  They provoke our minds and stir our hearts.

Stories bring information to life and provide context our brains are wired to remember.

Stories touch the deepest parts of us.  They can wake hidden dreams and kindle flames of passion.

They help us navigate the world.  

The power of story is hardwired within us.

What are you doing with the stories in your life today?

Are you believing false stories and allowing them to hold you back from taking action?

Maybe you think your action won’t matter.

Maybe you think you’re not talented enough, strong enough, smart enough, popular enough. . . to make a difference.

Your choices matter.

The stories you believe matter so much more than you might realize.

Stop right now to think of one thing you considered doing, and chose not to do, recently.

What story did you believe that led you to make that choice?

Are you 100% certain that story is true?

Think about that today.

“Because the voice you believe will determine the future you experience.”  ~ Steven Furtick

It could be life or death.

No one else is coming.

To more love,


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