Successful women

What privilege it was to get some time connecting with these two incredible women yesterday.  Nicole owns an interior design firm in town and Myla owns a real estate agency.  They both support our HeartStories GNOs with sponsorship and they were interested in getting to know one another better.  So I set up a lunch date.  I thought I was doing it for them.

It turned out to be such a gift to me. 

Over the past decade, while I was in medical sales, these ladies were building their businesses from the ground up.  They each made the scary leap from stable, comfortable jobs to doing the things they felt called to do.  And while they’re both incredibly successful, they have worked their tails off.   They have stumbled.  They have learned the hard way.   Sitting there listening to their stories was a gift, in and of itself, but of course, it didn’t end there.

They poured into me.  

They encouraged me.  They asked questions.  They shared wisdom and insight.  They offered, not only their time, their genuine support to me in both my business and my life.

I’ve often heard it said that “Successful women invest in themselves.” 

I would add that the most successful women also invest in each other.  They pay attention.  They listen.  They care.

They give generously of their hard-earned wisdom.   

That’s what it looks like to be a successful woman.

Be one today. 

to more love,


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