Strangers turn into sisters


It’s Friday and you might be dreaming of sleeping in tomorrow, but just in case you need some style ideas for your weekend wardrobe, I didn’t want you to miss these fabulous looks from ladies from the HeartStories GNO.

They’ve really got the latest fall style trends down.  

They created these outfits with their teams in under five minutes and you should have seen the supplies they had!  These are the product of pure genius, I tell you.  Each team was given a bag of random office supplies like paper clips, tissue paper, scotch tape, a paper plate, scissors and ribbon~ with only five minutes to come up with their hottest fall trends.   With a roar of laughter, creativity, and teamwork they instantly got to work and produced these bold and beautiful looks.

There was no hesitation.

As soon as they got their bag and their instructions they were off.  There wasn’t any whining or complaining.  No, “Mom, do we have to?!?”.   They jumped right in and got to work.  They experimented . . .  and believe me, there were several wardrobe fails along the way, but they kept going.   They did not quit laughing or working furiously until that timer went off.

What I saw in those five minutes?

I saw women bring ideas with confidence and spring into action.  I saw what women can accomplish, even under pressure, when we work together.  I saw how women treat each other when we know we are on the same team.  I saw the creativity that flows when we feel connected and supported by other women.

I saw strangers turn into sisters. 

So as you go into this weekend, if you feel like you’ve been handed a bag of office supplies and a timer, reach out to a friend.

Together, you can create something beautiful.  

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