She never gives up

She never gives up Stephonie Denton ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

This is my friend Steph.  And these are the kinds of things she carries in her purse.  Just in case you can’t tell, that’s a giant (GIANT) bullet.  We were just some girls, traveling to Mexico, just for fun until we were detained due to the size of the bullets in Steph’s purse.

Those of the kinds of things you don’t quickly forget.

That’s what friendship does.  It fills your mind with memories, of moments.  Memories, that when linked together, tell the story of your life.  This bullet-carrying Mama has been responsible for filling my life with so many memories I could never recount them all.

We’ve done some crazy stuff.

She rented a giant houseboat with me when we were single, so we could take our friends out on the lake one Sunday after church.  Just for fun.  She was with me the first night Scott and I laid eyes on each other.  She crawled through dirt and debris with me in camo ~ spying on his bachelor party.  She stood beside me the day we said, “I do”.   She was there for the birth of both of my babies and right beside me to mourn in death.

She is the epitome of a sister-friend.  

Not only has she stood beside me in many of life’s most important moments, I’ve had the privilege of walking beside her through hers too.  I’ve seen her mourn deeply at the unexpected loss of her incredible father and still show up with with a heart full of love.  I journeyed with her through the dating scene, waiting patiently for the right man to come along.  When he did, she inspired us all when she, ever so gracefully, became a mother of two, overnight.  Her journey to become a biological mother was difficult and so painful, but I watched her stay the course.

She never gave up.

Because that’s who she is.  She’s a friend who never gives up.  She just keeps showing up with her giant heart full of love and light to share with all in her reach.

So today, in honor of this beautiful, bullet-carrying Mama’s birthday, will you take a minute to think of a sister-friend in your life?  Think of just one friend who just keeps showing up with her heart full of love.

Now, tell her.

I mean it.  Tell her right now that you’re thinking of her.  Tell her your grateful she never gives up on you.

Sometimes the even strong ones need to be reminded they are loved. 

You are SO loved Stephonie.

Happy Birthday Sister.

to more love,


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