Shades of Grace

Shades of Grace ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStoriesAs a parent, I have to give a lot of grace.  It’s tricky ground to navigate knowing when to offer immunity and exemptions and when to hold the boundaries with discipline.  Because to me, it’s not black and white.

There are always shades of grace.  

The truth is, I don’t think parents ever run out of grace for their kids.  Patience?  Yes.  But grace? I don’t think so. I guess I can only speak for myself, but no matter what my boys ever do, they will find grace in my arms.  They will also find consequences, but there will always be grace and forgiveness.  I can always see the good child behind whatever action he’s taken.  His choices don’t change who he is.   That’s just a parent’s love.

I wonder then, why don’t we hold that same level of grace for ourselves?  

Why is it that when we take a good look in the mirror we feel shame?  We’re easily disappointed and start to believe we’re just not enough?  Where is all that grace then?

It’s blocked before we ever see the mirror.

It’s the never-ending soundtrack in our minds.  If it’s left unchecked, it tells us we’re not good enough.  It reminds us we’re to blame.  That we knew better.  That we won’t ever measure up.

It’s such a stark contrast to the way we see our precious babies.

Today, as you look in the mirror or you’re driving in your car, if you start to hear that old story of shame and disappointment creeping up, stop for just a minute.  Close your eyes and picture the most precious baby picture of yourself you can remember.  Would you put this shame on her?

Then you don’t need to put it on yourself now. 

Shame and disappointment are never productive.  They make us more of what we don’t want to be.   So today, when you start to feel them creeping in, remember you have a choice.  You can remember that precious baby girl.

You can look for all the beautiful shades of grace.  

to more love for you today,


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