Say what needs to be said

Have you ever had one of those days that kept surprising you around every corner?  I mean, not one single thing turned out the way you planned or expected it to?  I had one of those yesterday.  I won’t go into all the details here, because they’re not all mine to share.  Suffice it to say, after one event that would normally feel like a pretty big deal on a random Sunday, I came home and started to get settled down into a plan for the day, when another pretty major event took place.  At 11pm I found myself driving home, from out of town, on highway 635, realizing that it must be time for glasses! I seriously don’t know how people drive that road at night.

I can’t even believe we even survived that death trap of a road. 

The above “selfie” is actually a still shot from a video I made while the rest of my family was finishing up at church.  It was a recommendation video for a dear friend who is up for a big promotion.  She asked me last week to “turn the phone around” and let the hiring executives know why they should promote her for this position.  I explained to her that my week was bonkers, with a promise to get it to her yesterday.  It was on my calendar for after church.  I was planning to sit in my office with a camera stand and make her a nice, well thought-through professional video.

But because I never made it to church, I ended up with a few minutes in the car alone to spare. 

I thought about just making some notes about what to say.  But while I was compiling them in my mind, I had this feeling I should just go for it and get ‘er done.  So her recommendation video turned out a little more raw and authentic than it otherwise might have been.  People were walking by my car window in the parking lot looking at me with that stanky eye, like I was all kinds of crazy.  But thankfully, she got one.  It was finished and sent before the next wave of unpredictable life events rolled up on my shore.

The next time you get the feeling you should do something, pay attention. 

You may have your day neatly planned.  You may have all your ducks in a row.  But you never know what life holds around the bend.

Say what needs to be said.  

Do what needs to be done.


“I love you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I believe in you!” 

“Hire her!”

Do it now, before you miss the chance.  

You never know what today will bring.

to more love,


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