Save the snapshots

Last week, the boys and I took an impromptu trip up to Urban Air Trampoline Park in Frisco.  We thought we were heading there so they could jump around for an hour or so, while I sat with my laptop, getting a few things done.  But the moment we walked in, we quickly realized things were very different around there.  Their giant room full of trampolines has been converted to a two-story amusement park, complete with a “sky rider” zipline, rock climbing wall, and ropes course.  Needless to say, we stayed a little longer than an hour.

And I rode the sky rider.  

As I’ve written about often lately, the constant shifting of priorities is so tough in the summer.  The kids are home and I so desperately want to play with them, but like most adults, I don’t get a three-month break in summer.  Even if I wasn’t working to grow my business, the responsibilities of adulting must still go on.  So that day, I knocked a few things off my list, and then I joined them briefly for the laughter and fun of the sky rider.

You can bet I took a picture.

This summer especially, I’m learning to take snapshots.  Because when I look back on my own childhood, I don’t remember all the moments of every summer or every year of my life for that matter.  I only remember the really good ones. (and maybe a few bad ones)  It’s only the snapshots of moments in time that were apparently really worth remembering.   I don’t have a literal image printed on a piece of paper to remember the moments.

I only have the snapshots in my mind’s eye. 

But they’re there, preserving the memories, telling the stories.  My childhood is full of those images.  I imagine yours is too.  So go easy on yourself when there’s so much more you wish you could do.

Be fully present and invested in the moments when you’re able, and let go of the rest.

Release the guilt over all the moments you’re not fully present, because someone has to take responsibility for keeping the world going around in the summer.  Resist the temptation to believe that snapshots you see on social media are the full narrative of someone else’s life.  They’re literally just the best moments.

The highlight reel. 

Moments before my ride through the sky with the boys, I was sitting in an empty party room, laser lights flashing, trying to hammer out emails.  (I did NOT post a snapshot of that moment. )

Save the snapshots, let go of the rest.

Juggling all the things in summer is really hard.

You’re doing a great job.

to more love,


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