Release the rest

Our extended family all began arriving last night in celebration of the Thanksgiving gathering.  Of course, we stayed up entirely too late laughing and telling stories of holidays past.  We enjoyed simply being together again.  As a result, I woke up with this clear message in my mind this morning.  It comes from a quick note I read on Sunday from Christine Arylo:

“Take a pause and consider what is truly needed, what matters and what sustains you  . . .

Release the rest.” 

As Thanksgiving approaches and family gathers, I always feel the tension of so many things that still need to be done, but the life energy of gathering with the ones I love beckons me.  Finding the balance of accepting that call to its fullest, while also taking care of what is truly needed in my work and other responsibilities, has historically been a challenge for me.  As a result, when I read Christine’s note, this one section jumped off the page at me.

I asked myself these questions yesterday and it was so freeing. 

  • Is it truly needed right this moment?
  • Does it matter in the long run?
  • Does it sustain you?

I’ve already asked them again this morning.  I will ask them several more times throughout this week, no doubt.   Maybe you need to ask them too.

Is it truly needed right this moment?

Does it matter in the long run?

Does it sustain you?

If not, release it.  

The kind of connection you’re looking for this year isn’t found on your to-do list.

It’s found in the presence of the ones you love.

to more love, 


P.S.  As a result, this blog will be silent over the next few days.  I’ll be holding hands with the ones I love.  See you next week!

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