Reconnecting with the past

Exploring for shark teeth in the creek by our house is how we ended our Mother’s Day yesterday.  And to me, it was perfection.  (I’ve never really been one for “brunching”.)  Of course there were one million and one other things we wanted to get done first.  There were cries of, “I’m too tired.”, “It’s too late!”, “It’s coyote dinner time!”  But once I insisted that this is really the one thing I wanted to do together for Mother’s Day, everyone got their boots and we made our way to the creek.  There were several “false alarms”, of thinking we found one, only to discover, upon further investigation that it was just a black spot in a rock instead.  But each of the boys walked away with a beauty.

And I walked away with a peaceful feeling, that my “little boys” aren’t gone. 

Some days, I think the little boy years, of sloshing around in muddy boots while playing in the creek have long passed, in favor of “hanging with friends” and talking on the phone.  But yesterday, I discovered that if only I make the request, and myself available to go along, those inquisitive little boys are still around.  Even to kids raised with technology at their fingertips, there’s still something so intriguing, calming and healing about being near a natural stream, sifting through the earth.  Noticing fresh animal tracks, fossils, and creepy crawly things, has a way of slowing everything down.

It disconnects us from the rush of the everyday and reconnects us to each other.  

We moved to this specific location because of that creek, and yet, ever since we moved, I’ve been too “busy” to make it back down there on foot.  (We know I’ve been stuck in the jeep a few times, but that’s a little bit of a different pace of exploration.)  I think in my heart, I thought those moments may have been long passed.  Yesterday reminded me that being intentional about getting outside, in nature with my boys is not something they’ve outgrown.  And it’s certainly something my heart still longs for.

Let it be a reminder to you today.

Sometimes the things, or relationships that seem like the distant past can still be rekindled.  Pay attention to what your heart is longing for and make the decision you will work toward getting it.  It will likely require disconnecting from the crazy pace of your busy life to discover it again.  It may come in tiny glimpses.  Or it may come all at once.

But it won’t come at all if you don’t pay attention and do something about it.

That longing for reconnection isn’t random.

It’s not a mistake or a fluke.

It’s the call of your soul.

Pay attention.  

It’s worth it.

to more love,


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