Real life and real love behind the highlight reel

Every month at GNO I talk about the incredible importance of going below our “perfectly curated” social media feeds to the real stories that weave us all together as human sisters.  The places behind the filtered scenes where real life happens.  On a day like today, where your feed is likely bubbling over the top with perfect pictures of longevity, love, and romance, it leaves me no doubt that you’re likely feeling a little “less than”.  Like everyone else has a love story that is surely less messy than yours.   You know how I know?

Because I feel it too.

It’s easy to look at the declarations of love and best friendship infiltrating your newsfeed and begin to believe that even if they struggle, it’s not as hard, messy, or difficult as yours.  Like somehow they hit the magic lottery.  Their kids don’t struggle at school, or ever fight at home.  They always agree on parenting decisions. Their finances are always right on parr.  Their communication is peaceful and always kind.   They make all their amends before bed.

It’s so easy to compare their perfectly curated love story with our real-life behind the scenes. 

I know this picture isn’t even close to our real-life behind the scenes, we’re rarely ever all dressed up at the same time with our hair fixed, but I think it’s a pretty funny representation of reality.  It’s a little peek behind the curtain, if you will.  Especially due to the fact, that is a sneak peek behind our “Christmas Card” photo shoot – from which cards have not (yet) been ordered.  (I have not given up!)  How Pinteresty Perfect is that!?!

The truth is, we all struggle in different ways at different times. 

It may be true that right now you are struggling through something more difficult than many of the people around you.  But no matter how beautiful their declarations of love may seem, remind yourself today that there is always real life behind the highlight reel.  They’ve fought through valleys to get to the mountain top they’re on right now.  Or maybe it’s not really a mountain top at all.

They may be holding on to the very last thread of hope.

The point is, whatever their story is, it isn’t yours.  Let it encourage you, or inspire you to keep going.  Let it give you a vision of what can be.

But don’t let it get you down, by comparing it to your real life.  

Real love stories are always messy.  True connection requires vulnerability, which inevitably includes pain and hurt.  The kind they don’t put on display in the floral section.  The kind the cards don’t talk about.  The kind we don’t post about on social media.

Keep fighting for true love today.

Love for yourself, and the ones around you.

Celebrate the highlights, for sure!

But remember it’s not just the highlight reel that matters.  Give your love some grace.

It’s the day-in and day-out commitment to love that lasts.

to more love,


image credit: Vanessa Corral Photography

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