Planting a garden of love

Growing a garden of love

A few weeks ago, the boys and I bought the seeds to grow our garden.  In theory, it always seems like such an easy thing to do, but in practice, it’s usually a lot more work.  Our plan was to plant the garden as a family this past Tuesday afternoon and evening.

That, obviously didn’t happen.

Yesterday we finally got all the soil, beds, and stakes together to get to work.  But because we don’t actually have any beds to plant in, we employ reusable containers, which take a little extra effort to prepare and fill.   So that’s where we started.

We set up the beds, filled them with six bags of soil and then began mixing in the garden tone.  Because we’re all extremely prone to spring allergies, at that point we were already sneezing and had runny noses, which is just a tad inconvenient.  Luckily the most fun part came next.

Sowing the seeds.  

Scott sewed the vines and carrots in their separate containers.  Noah enjoyed sewing the watermelons in precise little hills next to the his very precise rows of broccoli.  I planted a pocketed hanging planter with herbs and lavender.  Meanwhile, Oakley was enjoying testing all the different patterns on the water hose sprayer nozzle while “cleaning” the trampoline.

Then we labeled each bed and put the vine cages together.   We cleaned up our mess and Oaks finally got a chance to get his watering groove on while Noah went in to rest.  While he was watering, Oaks looked up and saw the beautiful red sunset.  So he dropped the hose, ran in to get my phone and returned, climbing up in the play fort to capture this picture.

We finished all the watering, took off our boots and gloves, and vacuumed out the back of the car.   Whew.  We were finished.  And very accomplished gardeners at that!  😉

But it wasn’t quite over.  

While the boys were eating a quick snack and preparing for bed, I let the dogs outside one last time.  My big girl, Hartley, didn’t come back when I called.  Suddenly, it occurred to me. . . she’s digging up the garden!!  

Sure enough.  She was.

Noah’s neatly sewn hills of watermelon were spread out all over the bed and Hartley’s face smelled of manure and blood meal.  So my evening ended with romping through the attic for the temporary fencing and setting it up around the garden in the dark.  Good times.  But here’s the deal.

Life rarely goes as planned.

Things seem to always take longer and be much harder than the picture we have in our minds of how they will go.   There are usually curve balls and unexpected detours along the way.  But I can promise you one thing.

Planting a garden is always worth it.

Come late summer, there’s nothing that tastes better or feels more rewarding than eating fruits and veggies you’ve grown in your own, hard-worked soil.

Think about that this weekend when you’re working the soil and planting a garden of love into the lives of your kids, your husband or your friends.  It’s hard work.  Sometimes is really messy. . . and stinky.  There will be surprises and frustrations.

But harvest will come.  

It may be a long, hot summer, but harvest will eventually come.

Don’t give up, you’ve come too far.  

Tend your garden sister.

It’s worth it.

to more love,


Dad update: He’s home and so glad to be there.  He’s not totally well, and we’re still not sure what it is, but they allowed him to go home and for that we are grateful.

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