Our journeys are different

I ran into these two friends yesterday and HAD to get a picture.

We’re quite the odd bunch aren’t we?  One decked out in ski gear with her packs and one ski pole.  One just stepped out of the salon in a gorgeous summer dress.  And me, no makeup, a straw fedora and holes in my jeans.  (I’ll leave you guessing where we were.)

This picture is a stark reminder to me of the different roads we’re each walking everyday.

These are two of my very closest friends.  Libba and Mel.  They are friends I can trust my heart with.  I got to know them best last year during my first version of the Friendship Challenge.

What’s interesting though, is that we live within 5 miles of each other, in similar style houses.  Have children around the same age.  Go to the same church (kind of).  We’re almost exactly the same age.  And yet, we can run into each other on a Thursday morning looking like this.

Our lives may appear to be identical on the outside, but catch us on a random Thursday morning and you’ll quickly see our journeys are very different.

It makes me wonder how many times we assume we know what someone else’s life is like.

We think they’re just like us.

We think they’re nothing like us.

What if we’re wrong?

That friend you see at the pool today, might have been climbing Mount Everest this morning.  Sure, she’s smiling, dressed just like you and acting like everything’s fine, but inside, she’s really tired.   Maybe you’ll never understand, but you can stop to listen.

She needs to know you care. 

That woman you pass at the mall the weekend, who looks nothing like you, might be having the exact same struggle you are, you simply can’t see it.   Lock eyes with her for a few seconds too long.  And smile.

You never know what might happen next.

Despite our similarities.  Despite our differences.  We need each other.

We belong to each other.  

Go love somebody today.

To more love,



  1. Love it, Crystal. And I love how you practice what you preach here.

    1. Thank you Mel. I try!

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