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An Opportunity to Learn ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

The other day after school, I let the boys talk me into going stopping at Sonic for a slushy.  This is significant for a few reasons.

  1.  We rarely stop at Sonic.
  2.  They NEVER need that much sugar.
  3.  The last time we went to Sonic, I met a friend, who is now one of my very best friends. (for real)

Despite the first two reasons, and probably unconsciously influenced by the third, I was persuaded.  

We pulled in and placed our order, that was of course, not directly off the menu.  Everything we ordered had some special modification that had to be explained.   That’s just the way we roll.

Then the new fancy screen was suddenly asking me to pay.  I searched for my (darling little Tribe Alive) coin purse in all my usual hideouts as quickly as possible, but missed the cutoff time to slide my card.  I turned the inside of the car completely upside down before resigning myself to the fact that I left home without any money.

Feeling frustrated, I must have whispered something like, I can’t believe I did that.  Because the next thing I remember is sweet Noah leaning over, making eye contact and saying, Mom, mistakes are an opportunity to learn.  

I laughed out loud and said, Yes. Yes baby, they are.  

Driving home I thought about how his little reminder changed my demeanor instantly from frustration to openness.  The idea of seeing the little bumps and detours along the way as opportunities to learn and grow can change our entire experience of life.

A change in our experience, influences the experiences of those around us.

What opportunities are available to you to learn and grow today?  

How will you choose to experience them?

As always, it’s completely up to you.

to more love,



  1. Parenting win for you and Scott! Sweet Noah has to have heard that kind of encouragement from y’all! ????

    1. Awe. Thanks Leigh! I’m not exactly sure. I think he’s probably heard it at school and at home. What’s great is that wherever he’s heard it, it’s sticking!

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