Never Surrender

Over the weekend, Noah decided he was ready to “frost his tips” on the top of his hair again.  We did it once before, but we paid a hefty price tag at a fancy “barber shop” to have it done professionally.  For some reason, on Sunday, I decided to volunteer my years experience using $10 highlighting kits in high school and college as a money-saving option.  I mean, I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve highlighted my own hair, and not to mention the days of pulling hair through those caps for all the girls on my hall in college.

I’m essentially a pro, right?

Well apparently, I’m a little rusty.   And the products have changed a little bit since then.  Oh, and Noah’s natural hair color is a bit darker than mine.  Let’s just summarize by saying that we had a visit from Ronald McDonald during one of the SIX TIMES I colored his hair within 24 hours.  We had everything from bright orange, to bright yellowish orange (that he had to wear to school yesterday) before finally achieving a more natural blonde color last night.

It was quite a fight. 

One of the parents (I won’t name any names) was calling for surrender and a trip to the barber shop, after the first coloring session.  Concerned about long-term damage and baldness, he was very vocally pushing for a stop.  I, on the other hand, often have an overly optimistic outlook at times.  I just knew with each “next time” we were going to get it right.  We were almost there.   With each failed attempt, I figured out what I was doing wrong and had no doubt we would remedy it with just one more shot.

The outcome could have been disastrous.  

But in my mind, a shaved head for summer isn’t the worst of all possible outcomes.  And I know what salons charge for “color correction” so Noah and I had decided that we would never surrender.  Thanks to the immortal patience of that child, after no less than 6 coloring sessions, totaling over 5 hours combined, last night we achieved his desired blonde.  Grant it, it’s a little more than just “the tips” that are now frosted, but at least the color is right!

Fresh off the Texas history field trip last week with our visit to The Alamo, this was a good reminder.  

“Victory or Death” was the battle cry of Colonel Travis, knowingly leading his men to their death while defending The Alamo.  Even in death, they never surrendered.  But their death wasn’t the end, it was the inspiration for an astounding victory for Texas.  The cry to “Remember the Alamo!” rang out while Sam Houston let his troops to victory over Mexico to win Texas’ independence.  In this world of instant satisfaction, it’s easy to forget that there are some things that are still worth fighting for.

There are some things that are worth the grit, determination and the decision to never surrender. 

Certainly, there are times when the cost is too high and the decision to change direction is the right one.  But more often than not, when it comes to the important things like your goals, your relationships, or your vision for the future, the difference the difference between success and failure is often simply the resolve to never give up.

Sure it will be hard. 

There will be struggle.  There will be days you want nothing more than to wave that white flag of surrender and lay down to rest.  There are areas in my life right now that are a daily fight to keep going, but I’ve resolved that I’m not giving up.  I’m staying the course.

You can too. 

If at first (or after time #105) you don’t succeed, don’t give up.

If you can still see a vision for a different future . . .  never surrender.  

to more love,


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