Never enough time

Never enough time HeartStories

Do you ever feel like there’s simply not enough time?

You want to spend time with friends.  You want to play with your kids.   You want to finish that project you found on Pinterest or go see the new movie that just came out.  You’d love to volunteer for that non-profit or maybe even start a business of your own.

But responsibilities get in the way.

There are projects to finish, clients to meet, bills to pay, groceries to buy, houses to clean. . . and the list goes on.  You don’t have enough time to finish all the things you’re responsible for, much less get to the things you truly value or enjoy.  It’s hard to be an adult, with responsibilities, and keep your time aligned with your values.

I was thinking of this yesterday on a phone call with my Dad, that I didn’t have time for.

He mentioned how happy my boys seem these days.  I instantly had this thought that I wished I could hang out with them like a grandparent gets to.  I wish I could pick them up to go play, without having to get them dressed and ready to get in the car.  I wish I could cuddle them in the morning, without making sure they learn to lift the toilet seat up.  Play with them at bedtime, without hounding them to pick up their mess.  Go on vacation without having to pack every last pair of undies, bottle of sunscreen and favorite snack.

But that’s not reality.

And honestly, it’s not the good stuff.  I get to know them in the struggle.  I get to learn every little nuance of their day.  I get the privilege of picking them over other my other responsibilities.

That’s true in every area of our lives.

Sometimes we don’t get to choose exactly how we spend our time, but we can choose what we’ll make of it.  We can choose to be frustrated and complain (like I do way too often).

Or we can choose to find value in the moment.

My friend Eryn once told me that she prays while she folds laundry.  I’ll never forget that.  (I despise folding laundry!)  It’s been a reminder to me on so many occasions, that it’s totally up to me to focus my mind.  My circumstances don’t get to choose.

I do.

When I fold laundry and remember what Eryn said, I try to think about and pray for the precious people who wear those clothes.  When I answer emails, file tax reports, make templates, and pay bills, I’m trying to think about why I’m doing all this in the first place.

What about you?

Let’s get it out there.

There won’t be enough time to get to all the fun, enjoyable things you’d love to do today.  There’s never enough time.  

How will you find value in whatever you need to get done?

Just thinking about is a good place to start.

To more love,


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