Move the trees

One of our most exciting post-move adventures was transplanting the Oak trees we planted when each of the boys were born.  I’m pretty certain I was deemed the village “Crazy Lady” after this one.  Let them call me crazy.  To me, there are certain “things” worth remembering and celebrating in big ways.

The birth of my boys is one of them.  

I remember each of the days those trees were planted at our old house. In 2006, I sat on our little rocking bench to watch the whole thing, with one giant baby in my arms, and our two pups by each side.  In 2007, I sat on the same bench with a tiny baby in a sling around my chest and a very chubby baby in my arms.  We watched them take down the fence and dig up the ground.  Then they unloaded each tree from the semi with a crane machine and drove it around to the back, where they placed it in the hole and covered it up with earth.  The dogs went crazy sniffing all around, while I held my babies and dreamt of watching them swing from those trees one day.

The boys were fascinated by the whole process.  

It wasn’t much different this time around.  Except the (grown) boys and I got to watch the excavation of the tree from the old backyard.  They cut an enormous hole around the root ball then wrapped it carefully with canvas and wire.  That yard was completely torn up, like a bomb went off.   And the hole they dug in our back yard, looked like we were getting a swimming pool!  We were making some giant messes.  For a moment, I was honestly a bit concerned that the village crazy lady made the wrong choice.

Until we finally saw that truck arrive around the corner. 

With what seemed like hardly any effort at all, they picked up that tree, drove it over to it’s new spot, and dropped it right into the hole.  They covered it with earth and left it standing there like it has lived there 100 years.  They repeated the same process with the second tree and voila! we have our familiar yard back.  As soon as both trees where planted and the tree crew drove away in the sunset, I stood there watching the dogs and boys run around in delight.  I knew I made the right choice.

It turns out, I wasn’t crazy after all.

There are lots of things that can and should, be purged in life.  Then, there are the “things” that are filled with life.  Their roots grow deep.  They will outlive you, and probably your children.  They hold your best memories from the past and your dreams for the future.

It doesn’t matter if anyone else understands.  

Let them call you crazy.  (And know that there will be moments when you’ll question that yourself.)  It’s okay.

Move the trees.  

Move the earth.  Bring the energy of life with you, wherever you go.  Watch it take root and grow.

Only you know what’s best for you. 

Trust that.

to more love,


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