Make your waves

We found the best little spot to eat dinner on right on the water where the boys can play on the beach while we enjoy a peaceful meal together.  It’s absolute perfection.  The other night, Oaks was the only one in the water as far as we could see.  The sun was setting and the water was almost completely still.

Suddenly he seemed to realize the impact of each one of his movements.

If he jumped, it sent a growing ring out all around him.  If he circled his hands in front of him, he got two rings.  When he spun around at high-speed, he could quickly create a giant ring that would stretch on for what seemed like forever before it dissipated.  For those few moments, he had the power to orchestrate the movement of that vast pool of water.

And he relished in it.  

As it turns out, we all have that kind of power.  It’s just easy to miss it sometimes.  It’s easy to rush through life on autopilot not realizing the ripple effects we leave behind.  We’re sending them out, to be sure.  Whether or not we decide to harness their power and direct their influence is completely up to us.

You have so much more power and influence than you realize. 

That woman you passed in the grocery store parking lot, she needed to see your smile.  That email you sent this morning, it made a difference.  That book you know you need to write, someone needs the hope only you can share.  Those bedtime prayers with your kids, they’ll remember them all their lives.

With each interaction, you have the power to bring more hope, more joy and more love.  

The opposite is also true.  Each time you feel the stir to do a little something more, but you push it down, write it off, or allow yourself to believe the lie that you’re not enough. . . you send out a ripple.  It may be hard to see sometimes, but your impact, is your choice.

Relish in your gifts and influence. 

Send out beautiful ripples.

We need you to make your waves.  

to more love,


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