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Yesterday this boy was playing a fun game in the pool with his cousins.  I was sitting right there watching them, when all of a sudden he took one step too far off the ledge in the wrong direction.  As result, he badly scraped his entire body from his toes all the way up and busted his chin.  He came up from the water in shock just looking around, but as soon as he saw the blood, he started screaming.

And I started running.

There was a lot of blood and a lot of screaming.  I will spare you all the details, but we cleaned and covered all the scrapes with triple antibiotics.  I pulled his chin back together with a butterfly bandage (please pray that holds!) I got him Tylenol, water and a snack.  Then I asked him if there was anything else he wanted.  I was stunned to hear, “Only electronics.” (not stunned… not really) 😉

I succumbed.  

My heart was so sad for his pain that I thought this might actually be an appropriate time for playing a video game.  So I got him all situated in my bed and laid down beside him while he distracted himself with Snakeio.  Everything calmed down just a little.

Then Jennifer came. 

Jennifer works at the place we stay every year on this trip.  She’s watched my boys grow up and she’s always been so kind.  But yesterday, when she saw Noah hurting, she came running in.  She held his hand, she prayed, she kissed him on the forehead.  She whispered words of hope and encouragement, over and over again.   Assuring him that he would be alright.  She didn’t want to leave.

She showed him so much love.

No, I know she loves them.  She tells them all the time.  But yesterday, I saw her care for him like he was her own.  Her genuine care and concern for his comfort and well-being was just like that of a mother to her child.  She stopped everything she was doing. . . everything she’d have to catch up on later, to care for him, right there in that moment.   And it made him feel so special.

That’s love, with skin on.  

Love shows up when everyone else is gone.  Love takes time, when there is none.  Love feels pain like it is her own.   Love holds your hand and prays.

Love brings hope and encouragement.  

Love does what nothing else can.  Love heals.

Love does. 

to more love,



  1. I hope he is OK. And, I love your description of her as ‘love, with skin on.’ Brilliant.

    1. He’s doing great Glenna. Thank you!

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