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You may have noticed that this week has taken on a theme of its own.  Clearly my head is in the firmly in the space of space of self-care and self-love while getting ready for tonight’s “Love it Out GNO”.  As part of that process, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on myself as a little girl, remembering all the ways she was so special and unique.  As a result, I’m seeing everything in my life through that lens of looking for and embracing what makes each of us extraordinary.

As pervasive as it may be, it’s been incredibly healing and encouraging for me personally.  

In my growing anticipation for tonight, I hopped on Facebook live inside our little GNO Sisters group (for all the ladies who’ve attended one of our GNOs.) and asked them to share a story about something they loved about themselves as a little girl.

Their responses were beautiful.  

The best, and most unexpected part was the way they’ve grown to love things about themselves that once made them feel “different”.  The older, wiser version of themselves can look back and see the younger with so much more love and care.  So much fondness.  In this hectic world we live in, full of grown-up, strong women, it’s easy to forget the vibrant little girls we used to be, before the stress of life affected us.

It’s easy to only see the ones in front of us.  


It’s easy to focus on loving everyone else so well, that we forget to love ourselves.  We forget there’s little girl inside of us, who still needs our love and attention.  We want our people to be happy, so we do everything we possibly can for them.  Except sometimes the one thing, that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Do kids love themselves more when we prioritize their every need over our own? 

Nope.  When we neglect ourselves, they feel unsure about this growing up thing.  They think maybe it would be better to stay a kid than to grow up and be like us.

We teach our kids, and all our people, to love themselves well by loving ourselves well. 

Want your people to love themselves?

Love yourself, so you can love it out.   

to more love,


(The room is going to be packed at Girls Night Out tonight, but we’re already pulling up chairs. There’s one for you.  Love yourself.  Start tonight.)

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