Love is underneath

As we enter the month of December, with all it’s festivities, I can’t help but begin to reflect on this past year.  It’s been a big one for our family, as I’m sure it has for yours as well.  I’m reminded that just one year ago, we stood on a concrete floor in the freezing cold, surrounded by wooden studs and beams that were beginning to resemble a home.  As part of our holiday celebrations, we invited our family to come visit this space in the freezing cold.  I had a stash of sharpies in my pocket for anyone who dared to remove a glove and write a note on the studs, beams and floors.

Every single one of them opted in to writing us a note.

They wrote scriptures, wisdom, blessings and prayers over our family.  By the time the builders were ready to put up the sheetrock, the entire frame appeared to be covered in sharpie messages and I took pictures of every single note.  As I sit here in this house a year later, it’s easy for me to remember all the hard work, stress and exhaustion the past year has held.  But when I choose to intentionally reflect back to what really matters, I am reminded of all the love that is behind the walls.  I remember all the love poured out underneath these floors.

I remember all the hope and expectation that fills this space. 

You may not have built a house in this last year, but you’ve built a life.  It’s been busy and stressful at times.  There have been moments that were hard to bear.  There were days you wondered how you’d ever make it through.

Those times are easy to remember. 

It’s easy to remember the mountains you had to climb this last year.  It makes sense to want to say farewell to all the struggle and hope for more ease in the new year.  But there have also been moments of joy, love, peace, connection and hope.

Those are the moments that got you through.

So as you enter this festive season, be intentional about remembering those moments.  Remember the people who poured into your life.  Think about the moments they shared their wisdom, blessings, and prayers over you.  Remember the moments of joy.  Remember the times of connection and the hope that got you through.

Reflect intentionally, and you’ll remember, all the love that is underneath.

to more love,


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