Looks like love


The Duck Test says, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.  I say the same is true of the Love Test.  If it looks like love, acts like love and talks like love, then it’s probably love.

Love is what I see when I look at this photo.

What a fun night I had last night with lovely these ladies!  We hosted our January, HeartStories Girl’s Night Out last night together.  This is Meggie, Kelly, and Natalie.  They, along with so many others, so generously shared their time, their hearts and their joy with all of us last night.  They’ll never get credit for most of it, but the air in that room was full of their love.

And just like a duck, waddling across the road, you can see it from a mile away.  

That’s exactly the kind of love I want to amplify in the world.  The kind that doesn’t even need words.  You can see it, sense it, feel it.  You know it’s there before a single word is spoken.

It comes straight from the heart.

You can’t conjure it up with a fake smile and a side-hug.  Nope.  It seeps out through your laughter and your hands and your words.  Love like that shows up when you’re thinking more about how you can serve others, than you are about getting your own needs met.

They’re the kind of people I want to spend more time around.  They’re each the kind of person I want to be.  Don’t you?

Love is a journey, let’s take it together.  

to more love,


PS.  To all the women who filled that room with your love last night, Thank you!  To all who gave so tirelessly to pull it all off, you know who you are, thank you.  To our sponsors, you make it happen!  Thank you for your continued love & support!

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