Lingering flurries

In Texas when the weather gets below freezing, it makes the news.  No, let’s be clear, it headlines the news.  Add to that, any slight chance of precipitation, and the kids are dressed in snow gear 24/7, waiting by the window with sleds in hand.  We’re immediately on alert for school closings due to “slick spots” on the roads and we’re posting everything that resembles the fluffy white magic on our social media feeds.  So naturally, when I woke this morning to news alerts of “lingering flurries”, I was expecting to peek out the window to encounter a winter wonderland like the scene above.

My view of our cold, dry street and brown grass was a bit of a let-down. 

Obviously that’s a stretch, but it’s not too far off in our world so driven by breaking news and social media.  If it’s not the urgent, right now news, it’s perfectly filtered flurries with smiling faces and steamy hot chocolate in hand.  It can make it hard to live in the day-to-day, on a blistery cold, dry street, with brown grass as your lawn.

When you’re expecting a winter wonderland, real life can feel like a giant disappointment. 

Anticipating, the blistery cold, the brown grass, and the dry hard road isn’t as exciting on the front end.  But it gives you the opportunity to look for wonder in your reality, and find it for yourself.  It allows you the chance to open your mind to possibilities beyond what others are expecting.  You can open your eyes to see beauty in the real, messy people around you, instead of looking for them to be perfectly filtered.

You can open your heart to the lingering flurries of goodness in this imperfect world we live in. 

They are there.

You just have to let go of your expectations for a winter wonderland to see them.  

What have you been expecting that it would be good to let go of?

Today’s a good day for letting go. 

to more love,


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