Life is but a vapor

Scott took the boys to the Byron Nelson over the weekend and it suddenly piqued their interest in golf.   While they would ordinarily be jumping on the trampoline, playing basketball or football, they’re carrying clubs around the yard and “putting” in the back alley (help us all!). 

But it’s working out great. 

We usually eat an early dinner with my dad on Mondays while Scott is finishing up at work.  Then Dad will throw the football with them, play soccer or a board game with them.  Last night instead, we dusted off their clubs and made an evening of a game called, Who can lose the most balls in the lake.  Otherwise known as golf.

Have you ever had an experience that you just wanted to soak up in your mind?  

The weather was just right.  It was overcast and unusually cool for May.  They were all three having a blast.  I was on my bike with my sweet girl Hartley, joyfully running along beside me.

For a moment, all seemed right in the world. 

I found myself snapping pictures left and right. I was trying so hard to take mental snapshots of the moments, watching Dad laugh with the boys, while trying to teach them how to hit.  Seeing his thinning silver hair next to their thick, unruly locks.   Noticing his aging body walking alongside their strong, sprouting frames.  Remembering all the wonderful times I spent with my grandma, Dad’s mom.  Knowing that one day, the boys will look back on these Monday nights with that same fondness and longing.

Life really is just like a vapor.  

One day here, the next day gone.  All we have are these few moments, when we slow down enough to breathe them in.  When we intentionally choose to leave the to-do list and all the pressures of life behind in exchange for a few moments of making memories with the ones we love.

I don’t do it often enough.

My to-do list weighs on me like a load of bricks most of the time.  I forget that I’m the only one who can choose to set it down.  Of course some things still have to be done, but most of them can wait a lot longer than I think they can.

What about you?  

When was the last time you set aside that heavy to-do list and let yourself breathe in the life surrounding you?

It’s but a vapor.  

This is not a guilt trip.  It’s an invitation.

It’s up to you.

to more love,



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