Lessons from the bonsai

Mr. Miyagi Bonsai training | HeartstoriesWe watched Karate Kid over the weekend.  Of course, I have to share a quick story with you from the film.

Mr. Miyagi is a very wise man.  Through his silence and broken English, he teaches Danielson many life-lessons throughout the film on his journey to learn karate.

In one of their first conversations, Mr. Miyagi invites Daniel to train a bonsai tree.  Daniel doesn’t believe he has it in him to trim the tree into anything beautiful, but Mr. Miyagi knows he does.  He simply needs encouragement that he has a bonsai inside of him.

Mr. Miyagi invites Daniel to visualize his beautiful bonsai in his mind.

“Close eye.  Trust.  Concentrate.  Think only tree, wipe your mind clean, everything but tree.

If come from inside you, always right one.

Just like Bonsai lives inside tree, Answer lives inside you.

This tree choose how to grow, so must you choose how to grow. “

I wonder if you need that reminder today.  

On the outside, the world you’re facing may look ragged and worn, but inside of you lives a beautiful bonsai.  You might not see it because your mind is so full of other things.

Maybe you just need to close your eyes for just a minute.  Clear your mind.

What you see inside your heart is a beautiful bonsai.

It’s not an accident or whim.  If you can see it, it’s on purpose.

You are an answer to a problem.

It’s up to you to choose how to grow.

Start training your tree.

To more love,


AKA Mrs. Miyagi 😉


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