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Leave her a map ~ Crystal Gornto | Heartstories

Even though it was my first time to tour the parks with the boys alone, we loved our visit to the theme parks in Florida. Since, my sister is bringing her family to Orlando next week, I kept my notes app open to jot down little notes here and there about things that would be helpful for them to know.  I found myself excitedly taking notes about everything from wait times to great picnic spots.

It turned out to be fun to create a little map for her.  IMG_1854.JPG-3

I wrote about which rides were worth the wait & which ones weren’t.  I told her to try Butterbeer! (it’s not actually beer, it’s non-alcoholic)  Which bike will give you the best view during the E.T. Experience.  To totally get the beignets, but not the funnel cake bites from the Mardi Gras street car.  Where to look to see people walking through the wall at the Kings Cross train station.  To bring ponchos for Plutos Barge, or you’ll end up freezing and paying good money for the “people dryer”, that doesn’t really work.  Oh and above all – you must get a caramel apple at Honey Dukes candy shop!

Those things are straight from heaven.  


When I went to send her my notes this morning, it occurred to me, that this is how we should always do life.  The ones who go before should be passing along maps to the ones coming behind, like our little tips for Universal journal.   But not the kind of map you can grab at the entrance to the park.

It’s so much better.  

Because it’s the kind that can only be passed on by someone who gets you and understands your journey.  It’s full of context because it was made by someone who cares deeply about your experience.  Someone who wants to help you get the most out of each day.

We can do this for each other.

When you feel the most alone, lost or confused.  When you know you totally screwed up or took the wrong turn.  When you realize you wasted precious time and energy.

Jot it down.

When you discover something good.  When something surprises you with delight.  When you take a short cut that worked.

Pass it on.

Leave maps with your words on a greeting card, a Facebook post, a blog, or even write them in a book.  Share maps with your words over coffee or a glass of wine.

Just don’t keep them to yourself.  

Be a guidepost.  Light the way.  Make your sister’s road a little easier.

Leave her a map.

to more love,


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