Keep the measurements in the kitchen

During our little cooking class at the GNO with Liz Conlin last night, we learned new recipes and loads of tips on healthier substitutions in our cooking.  We shared stories and laughed until we cried about expressions that just came out plain wrong.  We tried new foods and were pleasantly surprised when we learned they were healthier than we suspected.

We also got a chance test our measuring skills.

We had a little competition to see which team could measure out the appropriate amounts of the ingredients listed in our recipe. . . without any measuring devices.  They had to eyeball it and guess, drawing on all their previous experience with measuring spoons and cups.   Our “judges” then followed with the measuring cups to determine the team with measurements closest to those called for in the recipe.

The outcome was hilarious and the competition steep!  

It was fascinating to watch who was feeling the pressure and who was enjoying the freedom.  All their unique personalities came out and handled the game in different ways.  Some were googling for answers while others were using their wine glasses to measure.

I noticed a lot of comparison.

Some ladies were comparing their ingredient amounts to others.  Some were comparing their tactics.  They were looking for similarities or differences.  That’s human nature.  It’s how our brains are wired to understand the world around us.  

Measuring and comparison are great tools that can bring us more clarity. 

But all too often we don’t just do it in our kitchens, we do it in our lives.  We use comparison it to make judgements about ourselves and each other.  We measure our inside story with someone else’s Instagram feed.   That kind of comparison is the thief of joy.  

Measuring ingredients is a great way to cook, but measuring our lives is a terrible way to live.  

Whatever you’re doing this weekend.  Pay attention.  Be mindful of your beautiful mind trying to help you by comparing, but notice when that comparison gets off track and you begin to measure you life against someone else’s.  Take the reigns and refocus on the gifts in your life.

There are too many to count, if only you choose to look for them.  

Keep the measurements in the kitchen sister.

to more love,


And while you’re at it, sign up for our next GNO, “Sex, Love & Friendship ~ honest conversations that would make your mama blush”  It’s going to be a hilarious night with my friend Melissa that will give you more practical tools to free yourself from the crazy comparison trap.  It’s a gift, just dying to be unwrapped!

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