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You are enough, exactly as you are | HeartStories

Last week I got an email that reminded me of something.

I’m always encouraging you to change, do more, become more, and make change that matters.  That’s good, and I won’t stop, but maybe sometimes you simply need to be reminded that you’re enough.

You need to hear that you’re a wonderful person, just exactly as you are.

Of course, you make mistakes, we all do.  Of course you want to do better, we all do.

We all do.

But that doesn’t in any way devalue, or change that fact that right now, in this moment, you are exactly who you’re meant to be.

The whisper, the urgency in your heart to do more and be more is part of what makes you so great.  Lean in to that, let it drive you closer to the person you aspire to be.  Where you’re headed is breathtaking and beautiful.  But don’t forget, the person you are on the way is good enough.

Show yourself some grace.

The fumbling, the temper, the lack of focus, the habits, the choices, the regret . . . all of it.  It’s part of the becoming.

You’re imperfect AND you’re beautiful, just the way you are.

As school starts back up, we know kids need to be reminded that they’re wonderful, just the way they are.  We don’t think less of them because they don’t already know the algebra they’re setting out to learn.  But sometimes mamas, teachers, friends, and all the rest of us need to be reminded too.

So listen up.  Lean in.

I’m looking at you.

I’m holding your beautiful face in my hands.

You’re good enough.

You’re more than good enough, you’re awesome! 

Exactly the way you are.  

To more love,


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