It’s National (what) Day?!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been laughing a lot about all of the “national holidays” that are taking over my social media feeds.  It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

Seriously though. 

I try to be good about hopping on social media long enough to check in on people.  I try to share something every day, even though I don’t do a great job of it.  But you’ve got to be kidding me, people?? Throwing up holidays like National Daughter’s Day and National Son’s Day at the last minute?  Who can keep up with all that? It’s like:

Surprise!  It’s your mom’s birthday!  

Oh, you didn’t know?  You’re just so out of touch.  (add another judgment on the pile)

I’m already THE worst at remembering birthdays. As much as I love writing cards and throwing parties to fully celebrate the people I love most, I’m the worst at gift-giving. I try, but mostly I just say my prayers and hope my people know I love them when I see them face to face because commemorating all the dates on the calendar is just not my specialty.  I try, I really do.

But so often I fail.  

Let’s just take National Sons Day this past Sunday.  I want to know, who started that?  Not because I don’t think it’s AWESOME to commemorate our sons, but who snuck that thing into the calendar without notifying all the moms of sons first?? And I want a show of hands, who woke up on Sunday and knew, in real life, it was National Sons Day?  Who had a celebration already planned before they opened social media? Well, it certainly wasn’t this girl.  I didn’t know until yesterday.

Kid you not.  

There’s now a National Day Calendar where they track, wait for it. . . over 1500 National Days!  You can even register your own day, week, or month!  Their hashtag is #celebrateeveryday.  Which is fabulous and would make perfect sense if there where 365 National Days, but help a sister out!  1500?!  Today is officially “National Black Dog Day” and I can’t even.  I guess I’m off the hook anyway but come on people. Who can live up to this kind of crazy? I know I can’t.

Here’s what I have to say about this mayhem:

You are not expected to keep up. 

If you missed National Son’s Day like I did, give yourself a break! Take a deep breath.  Go easy on yourself.  It’s going to be okay.  He knows you love him and you celebrate him.  But tell him to his face or over the phone.  You’re not a bad mom. You’re wonderful and good and doing the best you can to keep all the plates spinning.

We’re all in this together. 

NO ONE can possibly remember all the 1500 days.   Heck, no one even knows all the days!  I’m not saying don’t celebrate.  By all means #celebrateeveryday! What I’m saying is don’t you dare allow  The National Day of ANYTHING to pile guilt on you.  We need your heart free, not carrying the weight of guilt from trivial things like missing one of the 1500 “national days”.  Seriously.

This is my why with HeartStories.

Stop believing those lies of guilt that threaten to squelch your fire.

In fact, don’t even let them close to you.  

Call them out for what they are.  Say it out loud if you have to.

You’re enough.  

We need you to believe that.

to more love,



  1. Love it! I’m a mom of 3 Sons and had no Idea! It is out of control!

    1. Glad I wasn’t the only one! Agreed. Out of control! 🤣🤯

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