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It's go time sister ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

Yesterday, I got a chance to connect with a social entrepreneur friend of mine who is going through a bit of a rough patch.  Her business is actually going really well and she is incredibly fulfilled by the work she’s doing, but she’s lonely.  And she’s starting to loose sight of where she’s headed.  Let me clarify, she’s not alone, she’s longing for connection.  The kind of connection that happens when your sister-friend looks over at you and in her eyes you can see . . . “Me too.”

We all long for that sometimes.

It’s no coincidence that as I was lying with my eyes tapped shut last night, getting my eyelash extensions filled ;-), I got all caught up on how my sister Kim (my SISTER!) is doing in her new business.  Seriously.  I was embarrassed to admit that my friend knew more about how my sister was doing than I did, but I was not too ashamed to get all the scoop, because I love her.

And I miss her.  

I know life is so busy.  We have work and school and homework and practice and ball games and laundry.  We have errands to run and meals to cook.   The to-do list never ends.

Literally, it won’t. ever. end.  

But we can do better.  We have to choose to do better.  Better for ourselves, for our families and for each other.  It’s up to us to look away.  To set aside the to-do list long enough to look into the eyes of our sister, who needs to know she’s not alone.   And let her look back into our eyes, our hearts and know we see her.   We’re with her.

We’re for her. 

Take time today to find a sister-friend who needs to know she’s not alone.  You’re probably thinking of her right now.  Please send her a text, call her, or just break all the rules and pop-in to drop off her favorite latte! Do it now, before you get carried away in your to-do list for the day.

If things are ever going to change, it has to start with us.  It starts with me.

It starts with you.  

Fire up that homescreen sister.  It’s go time!

to more love,


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