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Yesterday was a very typical day. . . until it wasn’t.  I was sitting at my desk working away.  I was knocking out my to-do list, feeling good and inspired.  All of a sudden my phone started dinging like crazy.

If you know me at all, boundaryless group texting during the workday to me, is like nails on a chalkboard.

But I quickly realized this wasn’t a conversation about unimportant details.  My mom was breaking the news that my Dad had passed out on the golf course and was in the emergency room.  She was getting ready to head there, but she didn’t seem to have many details so I cut to the chase and called Dad’s phone.

A strange voice answered and my heart sunk.

Taylor, the guy Dad was golfing with, rode with him in the ambulance and was staying with him until we arrived.  He told me the basic story, that Dad just suddenly got weak and sat down, then eventually laid down on the green.  Scary stuff.

My sister hopped a flight from Florida and we all eventually made it to the hospital.

They poked and prodded, scanned and x-rayed.   By the end of the night the results were all inconclusive.  Nothing.  Just Dad laying in that bed, hot with fever feeling terrible.

Just one day earlier he was laughing and playing with my boys while we did our weekly reading of The Twelve Pillars.

I feel sure Dad will be okay.  He’s in great hands and getting lots of rest.  Most of all, he’s getting lots of attention and love as all four (five) of his girls have stopped their lives to show him we care.

I thought about waiting to share this story until we had a conclusion.  But since the whole point is doing what needs to be done while you still can, it didn’t seem like I should wait.  😉

Take a breath of gratitude today.

However imperfect the people in your life may be, take this moment to be grateful they are there.

Then tell them.  

In a moment, everything can change.

to more love,


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