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I'm mom first ~ Crystal Gornto | Heartstories GNO

A couple of years ago I was introduced (by a trusted friend and mentor) to a man who wanted to raise funding to make HeartStories a global company that served women with enormous scale.  He couldn’t stop talking about all the potential I had to lead.  He said things like, “I’ve met a first team all american player who just hasn’t gotten there yet.”  I was thrilled to meet someone who was as excited about my business as I was.  He saw my vision.  I felt like he understood me, and where I wanted to go.

Until the moment he said this:

“Alright Crystal, we’re going to do this thing, you’re going to be a world-class CEO.  You have what it takes, but just so you know, Mommy & Me time is over.  I know it’s easy for you to have a mommy and me life and a marriage all in a box and everything is great.  But you have a gifted leadership, the world needs you to lead. ”

(audible record scratch) Say what?!  

Did you miss the part about my heart to encourage women to live into ALL they’re meant to be?  Did you miss the part about my family being my first priority?  Or the part about women being the very best mothers they can possibly be when they are taking care of themselves first?  Yes, WHILE we’re raising our children we are pursuing our own passions, learning, growing and becoming all we’re meant to be.  Not instead of raising our children.  Never instead of.

I’m a mom first.  

Actually, I’m a daughter of God first, seeking to serve and love the way He does.  Then second, I’m a wife, committed to a lifelong relationship of supporting and growing with the husband I love.  “Mommy and me” time?  That comes third and takes up the majority of my time, energy and focus.  I signed up for that well before HeartStories was ever a thought in my mind.

Then HeartStories, and all my big dreams come next.

This is the path I choose.  

I don’t need anyone’s funding who can’t see that is the ONLY path that will make HeartStories successful with me at the helm.  I know it will take longer.  I’m okay with that.  I know it will be so much harder.  I’m okay with that too.

I’m becoming the women who forged a difficult path, so I can help guide others through.

So for all you women out there who’ve ever been told you have to shift your priorities to reach the success, or make the impact you seek, I see you.  I’m fighting this path with you.  I’m SO for you.

And to anyone who tries to say differently, don’t you rouse my inner mama bear.

She will eat you.

to more love,


P.S.  I could write for DAYS about this. In fact I already have! I have so much more to say.  So stay tuned.  I’m cracking open the archives and adding some fresh thoughts.  Mama is awake!


  1. I’m so thankful for your priority

    1. Me too Dad! Thank you for all your love and support!

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