Her love is sweet

When I was a little girl, this beautiful woman took care of me so well and so often that it’s hard to believe she even speaks to me at all.  Seriously.  She is the oldest of 4 girls in our family, which made her the built-in babysitter.  We all already know that I was more than a handful growing up, so she put in many of her hours towards sainthood in those years.

And as well as I remember it, she did it all with a knowing, loving smile, just like this one.  

Well, maybe except that one time, when Mom and Dad told her as they were leaving to make me eat my entire bowl of cantaloupe.  She did what they asked because she was always good like that, but it didn’t work out very well for either one of us Let’s just say I haven’t eaten a bite of cantaloupe in 35 years and she’s probably never required a kid to eat a bowl of cantaloupe again either.  Even then, I don’t remember her losing her temper or yelling or anything.

My memories of Michelle are all of love, peace, joy, kindness, and goodness.  

I know she’s an imperfect human.  But that’s just not the part I remember.  In my life, she’s always been a champion of people.  A “good to the very last drop” kind of person.  She’s been so much more than an incredible example.  She’s been a wise friend.  A guide.  A beacon of light, always lighting the way back home.

You may not have been born with built-in sisters in your family. 

But it’s my battle cry in this life to encourage you to build friendships with other women who love you with a love that is sweet.  I’m not talking about a mushy, sappy, southern kind of sweet, the way people in Texas like their tea.  I’m talking about a love that is generous and kind. The sweet love of a big sister.  A woman who sees only the best in you.  Someone who sees beyond your antics and horrible attitude.  Someone who sees beyond the charade of bad decisions, to the person you’re becoming.

Friendship like that begins with you.

Sure, it’s about the good times.  The beach vacations, the laughter, the memories, and all the celebrations are part of it too.  But sometimes it begins with you stepping outside of what is comfortable and easy, into the mess of someone else’s life.  It means reaching out when it’s awkward.  It means staying and loving her well when it would be easier to walk away.

Today, as we celebrate Michelle’s milestone birthday will you join us by showing generous love to a friend who desperately needs it? 

Celebrate by being a friend, like Michelle, with love that is sweet.

The kind of love that cleans up your “pre-processed” cantaloupe disaster off of the blue velour sofa and still loves you just the same.

Happy Birthday, Chelle. 

Your love is so sweet.

to more love,


p.s.  If you’re local, sadly unlike Michelle, we’ve done all the work and made it easy to show your sweet love to a friend on July 11th.  We partnered with the brand new Cut! Cinema in Frisco for a private showing for you and your girlfriends to escape the sun (and the kids) to gather for a girls night out watching the chick flick of your choosing! Pre-movie pampering, shopping, food, drinks, raffle prizes, popcorn, and snacks are all handled for you.  All you have to do is register!  In celebration of Michelle’s Birthday, use code HBDMICHELLE to register for you and a friend together and get 2 tickets for Chick Flick GNO for only $99!

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