Graffiti under the bridge

Graffit under the bridge | HeartStoriesExploration is a daily occurence around here.  We explore streams, forests, under couches, in flower beds, river banks, grocery store aisles… you name it, it gets explored.   On a recent exploration, we went under a bridge by a river.

The boys literally stayed in that spot playing, for over an hour, skipping rocks, splashing, just having boy fun.

I was quite content to sit on a rock, in the cool breeze, with the beautiful scenery.  You know why?

The graffiti.  

Sounds strange, I know, but I loved it.  There was something about those colors against the stone and the river reflecting it all back.  It was calming and life-giving.

I imagine it was created by some teenagers having fun.

They probably weren’t intending to decorate a little boy’s play area.  I’m quite sure they didn’t think ahead about the tranquility it would offer me.   Unless somehow, they read this, they’ll never know that they brightened my day.

But they did.

Every single choice you make affects someone.  

Most of the time you will never know it.  You might not get to see who rested under the beauty of your art.  You may never know who hears your words of encouragement echoing in their mind when they’re in a tough spot.

There might be someone right now, who can remember the look in your eyes when they first knew you believed, you cared.

Don’t miss the chance to make those moments count.  

If you’re making graffiti, make it beautiful.

If you’re teaching a child, make eye contact.  Let them know for sure how much you care.   If you’re meeting a client show them you believe in their dream.  If you see a need, know it’s not a coincidence, you’re meant to fill it.

You are were you are, in this moment, on purpose.  

What you do with this day matters, even if you never know how much.

To move love,


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