Google: “Am I Pretty?”

"Am I pretty?"8100.  That’s the average number of times “Am I Pretty?” is searched on Google every single month.  Having six sisters, I’ve heard that question a few times myself.  A few too many times.

Why it happens
In a world full of airbrushing, plastic surgery, bleached hair, and bleached teeth it’s no wonder women constantly look at themselves with a critical eye.  Even worse is being told by a lover or spouse that they aren’t enough.  The lie is that there is some magical standard they should live up to and if they could only just get there…wherever there is…life would be better.

When asked to write a post for Heart Stories I gladly accepted.  I remember the first time I saw the HeartStories video.  Emotion welled up within me and choked my throat.  I started calling to mind the strongest women I know who even at their very best have had those emotionally destructive thoughts pop into their minds.

Being the marketer I am, I decided to do a little keyword research with the Google Keyword Planner Tool.  This simple tool will tell you the average of how many times a phrase is searched.

The below results were taken directly from Google with no modification:

Am I Pretty? – 8100
Am I Fat?  – 6600
Am I ugly? – 6600
Will I ever be good enough? – 1600
Why Do I Hate Myself?  – 2900
Does He Love Me? – 9900
Am I Depressed? – 12,100
Should I Kill Myself? – 2900
How to Kill Yourself – 14,800

Now I know some of these examples are extreme.  But they are happening today as we speak.  As crazy as these numbers are, even crazier is the fact that women are actually searching Google for these answers.  Where are their friends?  Where are their besties to send a card, drink some wine, watch a chick flick marathon, and just reassure them that thoughts are not truth?  How can these thoughts be dealt with in their infant stage?

Usher in HeartStories, the app to keep you connected with your closest besties and have conversations that really matter.  We all have moments of despair and depression, by surrounding yourself with the ones who care most about you not only will you have stronger friendships you’ll also be able to be a better friend to those who need you the most.

To find out more about the amazing work HeartStories is doing check out their campaign on Moola-Hoop here:  https://www.moola-hoop.com/project/heartstories-an-app-to-replace-the-noise

In love and true friendship,

Eli Regalado


  1. You are amazing personality Eli ………I love it …!

  2. Eli, thank you so much for these insights! I had no idea. Some of them are really, really surprising. I’m so glad we’re going to provide a place online for people to ask these questions and find real truths in response – instead of just what “google” says. I also love knowing that you have 6 sisters. This totally helps explain why you work so well with this crazy bunch of women! We appreciate you.

    1. Anytime my friend! The feeling is mutual.

  3. You’ve got heart, Eli.

    This question is the one that stands out most for me :: How can these thoughts be dealt with in their infant stage?

    I’m so happy HeartStories is in the making to help with this.

    1. Crazy right? Consistent thoughts, good or bad, create actions. Actions when practiced create habits. How do we promote the best habits and expose the bad?

      HeartStories- no pressure. 😉

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