Go together, there is no better way

When I met Beth, our event designer with Joyful Day, at The Cookie Rack on Thursday, we had a good belly laugh with this sign.  We met to work through the details in planning the upcoming BraveHearted Cookie GNO with our Featured Guest, Christie Halverson, the owner of the bakery.  Before we parted ways, we knew we must take a picture with this sign.  In part, because it’s such a hilarious and creative way for Christie to brand her store.  But also because we’ve now both had our sons in the store with us which provided the opportunity (for me, at least) to explain the way this phrase has been so poorly used and in contrast, what a rack actually means.  And mostly, that they should NEVER say it!

In Christie’s genius, this sign is such a perfect fit. 

At the end of the day, the vast majority of her patrons are women and there is no doubt, we’d love to help reassociate this phrase with something as wonderful as Christie’s Cookie Rack! It is a nice rack, after all.  It’s a wonderful place to meet lovely people and select from many beautiful display racks of cookies!   Christie’s Cookie Rack has the aroma of hope and inspiration.  It’s filled with friends who are working alongside Christie, while she is living this dream of doing something new and unknown in the world.  They’re standing beside her while she’s stepping out in faith to follow this passion that’s been in her heart since she was a young child.

The “nice” energy that fills this places is infectious!

As a result, it’s no surprise that during our time together, we decided to do a little stepping out in faith of our own. Sitting there in her “Cookie School” room, we decided to go for it, by offering our first-ever livestream of The HeartStories GNO!  We’re calling this one “GNO at Home” and Christie is providing “Cookie Supply Packs for 4” to make it possible for women to host their own little GNO and follow along with all the fun.  Just like most new things, it’s incredibly exciting and quite a bit scary all at once!  But because we sold out of (more than 100 tickets) for this GNO, three weeks in advance, and our waiting list kept growing, we knew we needed to do something.  

There couldn’t have been a better atmosphere for making that kind of historical leep in my business.

Sitting at The Cookie Rack, at the table with two other women founders, and one beautiful baby boy along with mama for work, by my side. . . representing the EXACT foundation of everything I believe and do with HeartStories . . . was perfection.

You can live the stories that are in your heart. 

You can do it as a mother of a little guy.  You can do it as a mother whose kids have flown the coop.  You can do it as a mother of pubescent teenagers.  You can do it without being a mother at all.

You just can’t do it alone. 

The road is too long.  The leaps are too scary.  The weight is too heavy.  Showing up to do the things you’re passionate about in this world requires the love and friendship of others who believe in you.  You need other women cheering you on.  You need women who see the blood, sweat, and tears and keep believing with you.

They hold you up through it all.  

As a result of our collaboration that day, a long-time dream of mine is coming true.  Who knows how it will work.  It might be a total flop.  But we’re going to do it.

We’re going to do it together. 

There is no better way.

to more love,


P.S.  Registration is now open for The Bravehearted Cookie “GNO at Home”!  The spots are limited and we’re not sure how it will go.  But if you gather your girlfriends to decorate yummy cookies together, we’re betting it can’t be bad!  Be a trailblazer and join us on February 7th!

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