Go together: that’s progress

This is (almost) the entire team that puts on the HeartStories GNO event.  We snapped this picture last Thursday at 5:40pm, while we would ordinarily be putting all the finishing touches together for our girls night out.  But last week, due to a snafu that included a truck and a lot of mud from the recent rains, when we posed for this pic, we hadn’t even begun our set up.  We were still waiting for the truck to arrive.

But you’d never know it based on those smiles, right?

These beautiful women were completely chill.  They were calm and ready to hop-to as soon as that truck pulled in.  That’s because these hardworking and generous women are intent on love: loving themselves, loving each other, and loving on all the women who walk through the door of GNO.  Their giant hearts are set on making the GNO experience a special gift for each woman who arrives.  They want her to feel seen, cared for, and loved.

They weren’t about to let a little mud get in the way of what they came to do.

That’s what women do.  We hold it all together when the world around us is falling apart.  We know we are strong alone, but we recognize the incomparable strength we find when we have the courage to join forces and work together.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together (with other women)

~ African Proverb (addition mine) 

I’m so grateful these women are brave enough to go together with me.  

That’s how women will always make progress.

Go together.  

That’s progress.

to more love,


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