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It’s been a long time since I sat down to talk menus with Chef Paloma.  She’s the incredible Executive Chef for Crest, where we hold our GNOs.  She’s brilliant, always optimistic, and stunningly beautiful, both inside and out.  There was a point in time where we worked together on every menu and I loved it!  But their event business was growing fast, and our business was growing fast, which made it hard to stay on track and keep up with one another.  A phone call turned into a text.  The texts got farther between. . . until it was eventually understood that we needed to take a pause on working together, for a variety of reasons, out of our control.

But time and distance do weird things to our brains. 

When I got the text to come sit back down at the table to discuss menus again, I was convinced it wouldn’t work.  There was no wiggle room in my mind.  The cost, the schedule, the back-end logistics. . . there were a million reasons why I was convinced it wasn’t even worth a conversation.  But thankfully, my arm could be twisted, and we finally sat down together again yesterday.  It appears I had forgotten, if even for a short time, how it works when women get face to face.  (I know, right?)  All the stories I was telling myself in my mind, about how this wasn’t going to work, weren’t true, at least not anymore.

Parts of the story were never even true.  

From the second I walked in the door and hugged Paloma, all my preconceived notions fell to the floor.  I could see her eyes, and instantly sense her intention for support and partnership.  It turns out everything was good all along, life is just hard and we’ve both been very busy.  We needed that scheduled time, face to face, to get back to center, to look at the challenge creatively, together.  We came up with solutions that are going to make life and work better, and easier, for both of us going forward.  And we’re going to have fun doing it!

I wonder today, who do you need to get eyeball to eyeball with? 

Where are the relationship waters murky in your life?

Is it someone you love and respect?

Is it someone you’ve enjoyed working with in the past?

Get face to face. 

I’m telling you, it changes things.

to more love,


(This is the whole point of our GNO.  It’s about reconnecting with what’s real with your people.  Because it inspires the joy you crave and the courage you need to pursue your purpose.  Sign up today.  What do you have to lose?)

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