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I’ve never been a “follow the rules” kind of gal, especially if we’re talking about the rules of social norms.  One of the places that shows up often in my line of work is the way I meet new people.  I’m not a huge fan of networking events, unless they are purposefully curated gatherings.  If we’re going to be friends, it’s got to get real, real fast.  I can laugh and joke with the best of them, but I’d prefer to do that on my couch than at a bar or a fancy restaurant.  As a result, I can be a bit of a “new friend stalker”.

I don’t take a very traditional route to new friendships.  

If I hear about you from a friend, or find you online through some fabulous article, I’m going to get your number and text you.  If I can’t do that, I’ll jump on your social and send you a voice text.  Needless to say, this tactic quickly weeds out the people who “aren’t my people”.  If they are terrified by my stalker approach, they never return my messages.  I get that message loud and clear, and it makes life easier for both of us.  If they are my people however, they reply with some version of “Well that was awkward, but game on.  Let’s do this!”

Rebekah Relander, the founder of Fig + Goat jumped right into that second camp.  

I read her article in Voyage Dallas and knew instantly that we should connect.  Her “charcuterie style” meat and cheese gathering boards are stunningly designed and will make your mouth water like Pavlov’s Dog.  Even more than that, her heart and passion to gather the ones you love around the table, made my heart sing.  To top it all off, she’s a loving mom who left her career to do work she’s passionate about.  Clearly, she is our people.  So in my typical style, I sent her a voice message, letting her know I’d seen her article and LOVED the way she is living the story of her heart through her work with Fig + Goat and that we’d love to find ways to partner with her to include her Gathering Boards for GNO.  In her beautiful, strong and sincere style, she responded with openness and enthusiasm.

And thus, it all began.  

Not only did she provide her incredible gathering boards for GNO, with RAVE reviews, she showed up so full of joy. Her beautiful sincere smile filled the room with love.  It instantly felt like we were sisters from birth.  As intentional friendships often do, one thing quickly led to another.  The timing was exactly perfect for Bekah to join in on creating our French wine pairing/tasting dinner(happening one week from today!) that was quickly named “Bordeaux & Boards GNO ~ a tour de taste through the French countryside”.   She’ll be leading us through the tasting with Mary, of Social Cellars, as we learn about French culture, wine and food!

I hope you get to meet her in person, but just in case you don’t, here’s a quick bit of her story:

“Hey there, I’m Bekah, a mom of two and passionate business owner. My business, Fig + Goat was born from a love of gardening with my daughters.  It has evolved from its start of cute t-shirts for kids, into a gathering boards business that truly brings people together.

When I thought about what I truly enjoy doing, it’s eating and hanging out with friends and family! Last fall when I inherited my Grandparents big, old wooden picnic table, it gave me the idea to introduce the gathering board business. The thought of my boards helping celebrate special occasions, sparking new ideas and conversations and just enjoying a date night in with a loved one is really the heart behind my business and why I launched the Fig + Goat Gathering Boards! I can’t wait to share them with you!”

The lesson for today?

Intentional friendships rarely happen naturally. 

They certainly don’t happen on accident.  They often require awkward moments and showing up for strange conversations.  But the payoff is worth it.  Finding your tribe and connecting with them often always leads to beautiful places.  It leads to shared stories.  It leads to encouragement and inspiration.  So go ahead and be awkward.

Gather your tribe. 

Be you.  Your people will get you.  And if they don’t?  They are not your people.

to more love,


P.S.  If you’re considering gathering your tribe for Bordeaux & Boards GNO next Thursday night, better do it quick.  Tickets are selling like hotcakes and seating (& wine glasses!) are limited!  Get yours here. 

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