Friday HeartBeats: OneRepublic

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to share the beats that we love. This week’s song is by the band OneRepublic and it was chosen by Briatni West. Enjoy!

Song: I Lived

Artist: OneRepublic

Year: 2013

Genre: Pop Rock/Alternative Rock

How I found it: I was listening to Spotify Radio at work one day. This song popped up, and I was hooked.

This song makes me feel: This song is full of life. It makes me want to take advantage of every opportunity and say “yes” and take risks and be adventurous.

Favorite Part: I love how the music softens during the lines “Hope when the moment comes/ you’ll say…” at the end of the first verse. It’s like the standing at the edge of the diving board right before you jump in.

Other associations (images, colors):  You know the way the sun looks when it’s just starting to set? When it casts that golden tint on everything it touches? If that had a sound, it would be this song. It’s a bit like the film “We Bought A Zoo.”

Youtube HeartBeats Playlist (third song):

If you would like to share a song that makes your heartbeat, reach out to us at connect@heartstories.com and we can feature your choice of song in the next post!

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