Flatlined by an ice storm

Taking time to liveAn ice storm flatlined my writing for the blog, my checklist for the Shop by Stories marketplace, and my OCD email communication protocol. 

And it’s ok.  Guess why?

Taking time to live will only inspire your work.

When I first got news of school closings on Monday and then again on Tuesday, my stomach sank. I have so much to get done.  (It’s funny how a business is really just a hobby until you bring in a little cash.) Ha.

I wanted to be full of joy and bliss like those precious boys, but I was torn. I needed to work. I needed to keep the momentum going.  

I’m fired up about the new focus of HeartStories and I’m ready to make it happen.  I love my weekends with the boys, but I look forward to Monday’s too. I look forward to writing. I look forward to connecting with female social entrepreneurs and learning about their stories.  I look forward to setting up the online marketplace for products that foster social good.  

But when the call is made and school is closed,  all of that will have to wait another day.

I’m a mom of school age kids and this is what we do. When the ice and snow show up, our children shriek with joy and we drop everything, at least we try. We make soup, s’mores, and popcorn. We light fires and pull out the snow gear.

We wash loads of grass covered snow pants. We dry wet snow clothes and boots by the fire. We rent movies and play tickle.

When the ice and snow is gone, what’s left might look like no work got done at all.  

But it did.  The inner work of the soul was done.  The work of connections and memories cemented into the heart of a child was done with flare.  

A blog can be revived when the snow is gone.  Memories can’t ever be remade.  

So I find it fitting to share this quote today.  It’s absolutely true.  

Taking time to live will only inspire your work.  

No matter what you’re planning to accomplish, sometimes life makes it wait.   And that can be a very good thing.

It turns out that the past few days cemented a core belief I have about how women succeed in life and in business.  I’ll share more about that soon.  The premise is that when we align our work around the priorities of our lives, we are unstoppable.

I found even more drive and urgency setting down today, because I let myself live the past two days.

That’s my heart story.

What about you?  Is this true for you too?

When you prioritize what’s most important, do you find that you accomplish the other things in your life with more passion? 

I’d love to hear about it!

To more love,


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