Fire Doesn’t Burn, It Ignites

I’m someone who has to work hard for their happiness.

But, not her. My daughter’s default is joy.

Adulthood often feels messy and bogged down, but children are still untamed. They live as if the best is yet to come, and surely, it is.

But there are also some setbacks out there, commonly known as pain. And somewhere along the line, us moms got the memo that our job is to pepper spray the pain away and bubble our babies forever.

It’s scary to see the ones we love the most suffer.

But here’s the deal: I wouldn’t be half as courageous as I am if I coasted by in life. I wouldn’t have picked a man of worth without seeing one without. I wouldn’t fight for the voiceless, if I hadn’t been abused or shamed or hushed.

The fire didn’t burn me, it ignited me.

So, my joyful child, keep your spark as I change my motherhood motto to this:

“It was never our job nor our right to protect our children from their pain. Our job is to point them directly towards it and say, ‘Baby, that was meant for you. And I see your fear and it’s real and it’s big, but I see your courage and it’s bigger.’” – Glennon Doyle

To the most courageous child I know, the inevitable will come.

But I’ll see you on the other side of the fire.

To More Love,


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