Finding Your Purpose

Purpose:Passion quote

If only I could figure out my purpose in life . . .

I think most of us have thought that at some point in our lives.

This quote by Bishop Jakes means so much to me personally, because I have found it to be true.  I’m amazed at the uniqueness of the human spirit.  I mean, completely in awe, of the fact that no two people in the entire world have the exact same passion and purpose.

As I’m getting to know a new friend Heather, there have been moments I’ve thought, Oh wow, we have identical passions.  Then when I keep listening, I hear how unique her passion is.  We are both passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves, but she is passionate about organizing the process.  OH how I am not.  She is passionate about teaching the tactical, everyday habits that bring out the best in the “big picture people”.  You’ve seen my closet.  Enough said.

Today, I want to encourage you to:

Listen to the call in your heart.  

Pay attention to what gets you excited.

Notice what brings you the most joy.

Lean into the things that break your heart.  

Then, write them down.  Keep a journal, maybe in the notes section of your phone, so it’s always with you.  Make it quick.  It doesn’t need to be full sentences.  It might be phrases like:

  • working out with a friend
  • playing cards at night with my family
  • brainstorming great ideas
  • lunch with a coworker

Or it may be just individual words like:

  • sunshine
  • color
  • laughter
  • friendship
  • cooking
  • music
  • serving
  • fashion
  • art
  • dancing

The way it comes out, doesn’t really matter.

Start watching for a theme.  I’m not a licensed passion expert, but if you really open your heart and lean in, something will emerge.  Something is there, trying to get your attention.

It may hit you this afternoon.  It may unfold in little pieces over several years. You might be surprised or you may have known for a very long time.

Pursue it.

Find ways to do more of it.  Even if it’s just a little bit at a time.  The more you engage with it, the more it will reveal itself to you.  Trust me, this part I know to be true.

Don’t sweat it.

You don’t have to sign a affidavit today, swearing that this is your designated purpose for the rest of your life.  Just start doing more of what you love and be open to head in the direction it leads. You never know how the world might change as a result.

It will change for you.  And it will change for us.

It’s your responsibility to share the beauty that is you.

We’re waiting.

We need you.

Even just a little bit more you.

To a little more love today,




  1. Absolutely great read. I will be putting that to practice:)

    1. Perfect! So glad you enjoyed it Cody. Love to hear how it goes!

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