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Jetpack failure finding gratitude~ Crystal Gornto | heartstories

Meet Jetpack.   This is the service that *usually* keeps our blog in your inboxes and on social media everyday.  Apparently, I’ve trusted it entirely too much.  We’re having a little quarrel at the moment because it’s decided not to “talk with WordPress”, even after all the promises of “improving my site”.  I’m quite sure this is not intentional malice, but it’s happening, nonetheless.  So until we get our little tiff resolved, please watch our HeartStories Facebook page and my personal FB page for blog posts.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience AND, while we’re here, let’s learn a little something from it together.  

The timing is never right for an interruption.  It’s never a good time for things to go differently than you planned.  That’s certainly true for me this week.  It’s our first week back to school, we have such an exciting GNO next Thursday night (Beauty Night!) and yes, we are still remodeling the house.  I really would have liked my blog to work predictably.  It sure would have been nice to just keep trucking along and not even think about it.

That’s the problem.

Sometimes, I forget to be grateful.  I’m not sure I’ve ever sat at this keyboard and had a conscious thought of gratitude for Jetpack.  I’ve spoken grateful prayers for the quiet time to write, for our connection to one another, and for your beautiful life.  But I’ve always taken for granted that the technology would do it’s job to connect us. So when it doesn’t, it points out my need to be grateful for all the times it has.  Thank you Jetpack! 

Isn’t that a lot like life?

It’s easy to take something or someone for granted until, they’re gone.  We expect our things to perform the way they always have. . . until they don’t.   We expect our people to show up and do what they always have. . . until they don’t.  And maybe that’s where we find the answer.

How would things change if we turned our expectation into gratitude?

What if we stopped expecting people to show up for us before we practiced gratitude for the simple fact that they are in our lives?

We’d have a whole lot more joy.  That’s what.

What are you grateful for today?

to more love,


P.S.  I’m also REALLY grateful for our new venue and fun plans for our Girl’s Night Out next Thursday. . . and I think you’ll be grateful too, if you join us!

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