Finding courage at the talent show

It’s official.  The school talent show is one of my favorite activities of the entire year.  I loved it last year.  I might have even shed a tear.  But this year, I hooted and hollered and woo-hoo’d, and bawled like a baby.  It’s simply magical to watch elementary school kids practice the courage to step out onto a stage and share a part of themselves with a room full of strangers.

I’m convinced, there’s nothing more beautiful. 

Some stood alone to sing their beautiful songs, play their piano, do a magic show, a breathtaking floor routine and even do a wildly entertaining hula hoop routine.  Some made it a family affair by offering an inspiring act with siblings.  Some danced, sang, and even rapped with a group of friends by their side.  This precious one had me completely undone while boldly singing her version of “Dear Hate” while scriptures about Love were scrolling on the side screens.  Any ideas about keeping my composure went out the window within the first line or two.  I mean, I can’t even.

They were all practicing courage. 

They were overriding all the signals firing off in their brains telling them it wasn’t safe.  And yet, somehow, they found the courage to do it anyway. In so doing, they shift the world for all of us.

Some may think last night was just about showing off talent, but I think it’s the absolute foundation for changing the world. 

Practicing courage is the place every one of us has to start if we want to see a change in the world.  When notice something we’d like to see change, it’s up to us to offer our gifts, to speak up, to lead the way and make the kinds of change that stand boldly in the face of hate and proclaim, “Love’s gonna conquer all.”

Courage is noticing the fear and doing it anyway. 

Stand alone.  Stand with family.  Stand with all your friends by your side.

Find a way to stand.  

No one else can stand the way you can.

to more love,


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