Empowering women who give back

Lindy, founder of Poppy Soap Co. | HeartSTories

I was talking with my treasured friend, Lindy yesterday.   (You’ll get to meet her soon and I CANNOT WAIT!  You’re going to treasure her too!)

Lindy and I have a lot of history in common.  

We totally “get” each other.  I won’t spoil her story by telling you more, but you need to know, she is loads of fun and laughter.  Yet she is strong, she’s incredibly wise and she is determined to do business straight from her heart.

She totally gets my heart and my vision for helping women replace the negative noise with love and get on with living the stories that are in our hearts.  

In true Lindy fashion, we set up a call to discuss our upcoming partnership, where I support her by telling her story and offering her wonderful soaps in our shop.  What happened is she ended up encouraging me.  Not the frilly, “You’re the best!  Go Crystal!” kind of encouragement, but the kind that means even more.  She pointed out my strengths, yes, but she also pointed out ways to do more with my strengths.  She talked with me about my beliefs around money.  I mean, it was like therapy for business!

She was a real friend to me, exactly when and where I needed her.  

In addition to all of that,  listening to hear speak about HeartStories and what we’re doing , she gave me some words I’ve been looking for.

She said, HeartStories empowers women who give back.”

ding! ding! ding! ding!

She’s 100% on target.  I’ve been looking for the words to express how we connect this new part of our business, supporting female social entrepreneurs, to the overall message of HeartStories.  And that’s it!

We empower women who give back.  

Not only do we empower women who directly fight poverty, trafficking, mental illness, and other social causes.  

We empower all women, who recognize that life is a gift, and it’s up to us to give it back to the world.

We’re sisters, mothers, friends, attorneys, bankers, teachers, doctors, writers, creators, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.  We actively fight to replace the negative stories that try to hold us back.  We’re grateful for this beautiful gift of life and we’re giving back our HeartStories to make the world a better place.

We’re giving back with love.  

Are you with me?

I bet you are.

To more love Sister,


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